About Us


About That Little Puff

Puff’s kitchen adventures began Puff’s family gathered in the kitchen to cook, and he was so interested in the creations of the meals that he just had to lend a paw. In the same amount of time it takes to boil water, a social media star was born!

Welcome to Pet Parenthood

As cat parents ourselves for so many years, we know everything there is to know about the little puffs! We work together with manufacturers and designers to come up with new designs for your pets to enjoy. We care for your little puffs and are committed to sharing our knowledge and creations with all pet parents.

The Purrfect Products

The designs for our little friends turn into the purrfect little toys to play fetch with or a large comfy bed fit for your little (or big) puff. We have all of the essentials for you and your pets to enjoy. Our products are based on our own shared experiences as pet owners, so that we can cater to needs.

Puff's Cooking Show

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